Tuesday, October 9, 2012



I know I have. If someone asks you to, like your parents, you should do it. You know it will help you to stay healthy and one day, your parents might not be right there to help you or remind you when to check. Just get it over with it takes 20 seconds.

POD OR PUMP? A lot of families ask me: “I just found out my 4 year old son has diabetes a lot of my friends have recommended the pump, but a lot of my other friends said pod. Which one should I choose for my 4 year old?” Well, I prefer the pod because the pump has tubes, which scared me when I was 4. There are pros and cons about both of these devices, and even though I like the pod I want to know which one you prefer, pod or pump. Please respond to this. I am curious and I am sure a lot of other families are too.

1. October 26 - October 27 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm The annual Hoot ‘n’ Howl celebration!
Bring your brood to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park Navigate through the park and search for animals in the dark on a special nighttime tram tour. Revelers young and young-at-heart can don their costumes, play games, win prizes and eat treats during this wild weekend.
*Get a special discount when you purchase tickets in advance The park is open during regular hours (9:30 am - 3 pm) on the days of the event. The gates will reopen at 5:30 for visitors with Hoot ‘n’ Howl tickets. Hoot 'n' Howl activities run from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
• $11 for Member adults (ages 13 and up) and $7 for Member youth (ages 3-12). Children ages 2 and under free.
• $13 for Non-Member adults (ages 13 and up) and $9 for Non-Member youth (ages 3-12). Children ages 2 and under free.
• Coupons, complimentary passes, etc. of any kind are not accepted for Hoot n Howl

Activities include: Tram Tours – Tour a slice of Northwest Trek’s famous free roaming area at night. See if you can find the animals beneath the stars. Live Animal Encounters – Check out the all the fascinating natural abilities of Northwest Trek’s animal ambassadors. Education Stations – Listen to the sounds of the nighttime forest, participate in some sweet science, rely on your senses of touch, smell and sound, and learn how your eyes work. Games – Play a variety of traditional carnival-style games. Crafts – Harness your creative juices as you make some spooky seasonal crafts. Trick-or-Treat – Enjoy this treasured Halloween pastime at designated stations throughout the park where Northwest Trek staff and volunteers will be passing out “green” treats. Our goodie giveaways contain no palm oil or sustainable yield palm oil only. To ensure a happy Halloween, we ask adults not to wear masks or scary face-paint.

  2. Remlinger Farms -- 32610 N.E. 32nd St., Carnation. 425-333-4135. Remlinger buzzes with activity during the fall: Hop the hayride out to the U-pick pumpkin fields, join a fall harvest tour, watch a pumpkin-carving demonstration, shop in the farm market or go on the 25-plus rides and attractions (many of them for tots) in the Country Fair. The Remlinger Farms Fall Harvest Pumpkin Festival is open weekends from September 29 to October 28, 10 a.m.-6 p.m

3. Double R Farms—5820 44th St. E., Puyallup. 253 227-5385. During October, the farm features a 5-acre corn maze and the largest selection of pumpkins in the valley. Try your hand at one of three pumpkin slingshots, including one just for kids, and enjoy tractor-pulled hay rides on the weekends and farm animals for kids to visit. Find decorative gourds, cornstalks, mini pumpkins, and edible squash in the 70-year-old farm

4. Pumpkin Bash - Woodland Park Zoo750 N. 50th St. Seattle,WA98103US
Get Directions (Google Maps) http://zoo.org When Saturday, Sunday open hours; activity and performance times vary Price One child under 12 in costume free with each adult admission Description Watch as zoo animals are given pumpkins -- to eat, play with or smash -- as treats to celebrate Halloween. Plus! Kids can trick-or-treat along the Pumpkin Promenade and do Halloween crafts, and the whole family can enjoy bluegrass music and other performances (on Sunday, the Roosevelt High School Thriller Club performs the "Thriller" dance at noon and 1 p.m.). All ages 206-548-2500

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sushi Toni

last night( august 22 2009) i went to a sushi restarant called sush toni, it was in San Francisco. It was SO good. I had cucumber rolls, agadashi (tofu), bowl of rice with some soy sauce and salmon sushimi. We had to walk 5 blocks down a VERY steep street, the cable cars (trollies) were passing us along the way. I was there with my uncle Adam. After dinner we went for a walk and found an outdoor movie playing, it was called Up the Waterfront. We saw a boy and his dad playing drums and making money. I put some money in the box they had outfront. The drums were made out of plastic buckets and tin cans. They were pretty good. After that we walked back to our hotel and I did a pod change and then I went to sleep because it was almost 11:00pm.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A trip to new york!

About 4 weeks ago I took a trip to new york for passover I got to see my family,It was fun very very fun!!!I found they afikomman two nights in a row it was so cool to do it!!!

6 carb popsicles!

We just made fun popsicles that have only 6 carbs! we used orange juice and it used 1/4 cup and yumm yumm yummy. We are ready for summer fun! ... until then we will practice for the hot weather by eating our popsicles!

I love popsicles and I love orange juice.

I don't like to have so many ingredients from the store bought ones - even the sugar free ones have a lot of carbs. These are the perfect solution and how cool - they are lego mini-figures!

I love them!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


i am danceing with my family now!lerning new moves now!like the flip now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poem about test strips...

Oh test strip... We know you hate to be thrown out, but you must!

you are such a little thing that is so small but says so much... but still after you are used, you must be thrown away.

You sometimes remind me of clowns fitting into a clown car when we empty the diabetic kit at the end of the day (or week) Seeing just how many of you can jam yourself into the bottom of the case to hide... until you are found and discarded.

Oh test strip.. how much fun you can be when it was figured out that when seperated after use, you are like stickers and can be stuck.. well.. anywhere.. and everywhere. (especially by little sisters)

Test strip... as excited as we are to find a few more in a bottle when we need to test and thought we were out... we are not as excited to find you used and in our beds at night... on the floor... and stuck to our bodies ;P

Little test strip, some day, we will make biohazardous art with you, but for today.. could you find your way to the garbage can... please!

Friday, November 21, 2008

In the hospital...

Right before I got diabetes my dad and my sister got me a rainbow bear and it was green, purple, yellow and blue.

Last week, I had ketones and I was sick, it was really a big thing to handle because it was a long time and the IV hurt and at the end I was happy to go home.